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Welcome to the Highland Shadows Website!

About Us:

Highland Shadows was formed almost 6 years ago and is now a level 25 guild with over 200 members. We are a family oriented, 10 man, semi-hardcore raiding guild that is focused on progression as well has providing a fun atmosphere.

Guild Rules:
  • No cussing in guild chat.
    • We are a family oriented guild and would appreciate our members to make an effort to sensor themselves while typing in guild chat, for you never know who is “helping” your fellow guildie.
  • No trolling in any chat.*
    • This reflects poorly on us as a whole. We take pride in being mature enough to not stoop to such levels of childishness.
  • No begging.*
    • We have all worked hard for our gold and items, and we expect you to do the same.
  • No spamming in guild chat.
    • It distracts those in the guild who are trying to enjoy the game. Whining in guild chat will be considered spam.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) will get you removed from the guild WITHOUT WARNING; the rest will be determined by the officer(s) that are online at the time of the offense.
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